The devices registered in MagicINFO Server can be connected remotely for control.

Click (Device) on the main menu bar. Remote control can be performed in the following ways. Select a desired method.

  • Select a device from the device list for remote control and then click Quick Control > Remote Control.
  • Among the items of the device for remote control in the device list, click icon. When the device information window appears, click Remote Control.

About the Remote Control window

The remote control pop-up window appears to display the device status.

The remote control window displays information of the device as follows:

  • Device Name

    View the device name.

  • Schedule Name

    View the schedule name applied to the device.

  • Device Model Name

    View the device’s model name.

  • Device ID

    View the device’s MAC address.

  • IP Adress

    View the device’s IP address.

Control device

  • Using the remote control button on the left of the window, you can control the device.
  • Start Mouse Control

    Click this function to run or select menus of the device with your mouse.

  • Send Text

    Send the device messages. Enter only the alphanumeric values.

  • Rotation

    Rotate the device screen. Select a desired rotation angle.

  • FPS

    Select the frames per second to play on the display of the device.

  • Image Size

    Select the image quality to play on the display of the device.

  • Disconnect

    Remote control is ended.