MagicINFO Server is a network-based management solution designed to enable easy and efficient control of content and devices. Create and publish content using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, as well as a computer. Easily control connected devices.

  • Easy and fast content creation/publishing and schedule management, anywhere, at any time
  • Running repetitive tasks under specific conditions with a command
  • Implementation of playlists using a variety of media, such as scripts, messages, video, Flash, and images
  • Batch management of connected devices without limitation in the number of devices
  • Backup player, DataLink, statistics, and many other extra features

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License information

To view the license information of MagicINFO Server, click Licenses.

MagicINFO Server

  • Before using MagicINFO Server, click User Guide to read the user guide.
  • Use a mobile device to manage content and devices and to create and publish content schedules. For details, refer to ▶ MagicINFO Server Mobile

About downloading

To download the MagicINFO Server’s user guide (in PDF format) of the previous version, click here.